Thursday, April 12, 2007

Conifer Area Chorale Festival...and more

On Tuesday Jamie and I went to see Nattie and the other 4th graders sing at the Conifer Area Chorale Festival. There were kids from 3 elementary schools, and the local middle and high schools singing songs "Celebrating Broadway". As you can see from the photo, Jamie was engrossed, even during the rehearsal :) The kids did an outstanding job with "Edelweiss", "Anything You Can Do" and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile". The harmonies were awesome and I could see the younger kids admiring the work of the older kids.

In other news...I had my follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor and we have scheduled surgery for the first week in May to open my airway some more. From what he told me I'll be in hospital for one night and recovery will be 7-10 days...yikes! What is way more scary (and difficult) than surgery is that I also have to seriously commit to a weight-loss program, since that is also a contributor to sleep apnea. Fellow bloggers, I need your support with that one...

Took Jamie for his 5-yr checkup today, complete with s-h-o-t-s. Poor little guy, he was looking at me like, "how could you do this to me?". At least now he's all set for kindergarten in August. He got to watch Polar Express this afternoon which seemed to help him feel better. It's amazing what a movie and a bowl of Goldfish crackers can do :)


She Who Waits... April 13, 2007 at 8:45 AM  

YOU can do it! I am having a wonderful time with the Weight Watcher's online. It's so easy to keep track of everything. And shots :( that's no fun at all but the Polar Express can cure a lot of ills here too : ) And it is so cool that you're originally from Scotland! I have Scottish blood in me from both sides of my family.