Saturday, March 10, 2007

To Do List....

What are some of the things you would like to do in your life, as you get older? Hmmm....I still have lots to do! In addition to being around and able to enjoy my family, my list would include:

  • travel to Alaska, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and more countries in Europe
  • read lots more books
  • complete my degree (I'm halfway!)
  • see Elton John live
  • have a scrapbook page published (only cards so far...but I'm trying!)
  • skydive (perhaps!)
  • improve my cooking skills
  • become a better photographer

That's a good list to start with, right? What's on your list?

We've decided to head into Denver today and stay the night in the JW Marriott at Cherry Creek so that we can enjoy a special dinner for Iain's birthday. The kids are excited - they love hotels! Have a fantastic weekend :)