Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just when we thought the snow was melting....

We got another foot today! The nice thing is that all the "dirty" snow got covered with fresh, white powder so all is picturesque again. Iain is on a business trip to South America (he said it was about 70 degrees in Chile today), so I went out and figured out the newer, bigger snowblower - so much easier than the old one - took lots of steering, though :) Jamie laughed at me when I came back in because my hair was frozen with snow!

Started a new online class today - Criminal Courts. Should make for some interesting discussions! I am really enjoying the flexibility of the online schedule, even if it does mean that I have to often burn the midnight oil.

Looking forward to the girls singing on American Idol tonight; Nattie and I watch it together. Her mouth was really sore last night and this morning after the braces were put on, but she's adjusting really well. The ties she chose were pink and yellow! Very spring-like!