Sunday, December 07, 2008

Friday fill-in...

Here's a fun idea that I found through a link on Jill's blog. Every Friday there are sentences posted for you to fill in and post on your blog. Here's the one for this week (I know, I'm a couple of days late...):

  1. Snow is beautiful!
  2. I'm looking forward to our winter break - 2 weeks off school for the kids and me.
  3. Earl Grey is the best tea ever!
  4. One of my favorite old TV shows is Roseanne :)
  5. I'm done with scraping ice off my car with a credit card (that's what I get for forgetting to put the proper scraper in my car this week).
  6. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is watching the kids enjoy the season.
  7. And as for the weekend, I'm looking forward to my stamping class. Tomorrow my plans include shopping for Nattie, and on Sunday I want to relax!