Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here I am....

Just set up a new blog since our move from CA to CO at the end of last year. We are settled in our new home now, and everyone is back into the daily routines! The kids are thoroughly enjoying their new schools and Iain's job is keeping him busy with his travels...L.A. last week, Chile and Brazil this week! We have also been introduced to the phenomenon of Conifer snowfall...everyone keeps telling us this isn't "normal", but we'll wait and see next winter! We have some parts of our yard which we haven't seen since the first snowfall in October :)

We had some sad news last weekend...Sean Craig, one of the guys on Iain's team, lost his wife Audrey in a terrible car accident in California. We never met Audrey, but Iain and I were really shocked at the news and it reminded us how short and precious life is. Sean and his two daughters' lives will never be the same again. Iain and I hugged each other and Nattie and Jamie a little more this past can read about Audrey here.

I'm excited to be going to Anaheim this weekend to check out the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show where all the crafting companies roll out their new products! Alma from The Cat's Pajamas has made it possible for her DT members to go this year and we will finally get to meet after 2 years of working for her on card designs. It will be great! Busy, but great! I'm taking 3 workshops which are always fun so hopefully I'll come back with some ideas for cool new projects :)